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Download our UHX Brochure to find out how our products provide a market-leading downhole expansion rate of up to 300%, with the strength and durability required for high-pressure sealing. You can also view technical specifications, typical applications and examples of a toolstring make-up.
The DTI Ultra High Expansion (UHX) product range provides flexible downhole solutions in zones with restricted well access.
The flexibility in design means that the UHX Packers, Packoffs and Plugs can be designed to be run on slickline or electric line and set using powered setting tools or run on coiled tubing and set using flow activated running tools.
DTI’s UHX Technology can help to provide a solution for plug and abandonment, zonal isolation or reconfiguring your well.
  • Plug and Abandonment
    • The UHX M-Bubble Plug prvides a reliable, pressure tight barrier so that the zone below the plug can be isolated. Cement is not necessary, making this solution ideal for applications where it is not possible to deposit cement because of the architecture of the well.
    • Where it is pssible to deposit cement and the additional barrier is required, the M-Bubble plug provides a solution in flowing wells where traditional high expansion solutions do not provide a suitable platform for cement to set and provide a barrier.
  • Zonal Isolation
    • UHX Packoff Straddle Isolation Sleeves and Patches can be used for isolating hydraulic fractured or perforated zones that are un-productive, such as where there is water cut in relatively high pressure flowing wells.
    • Islated sections lengths can vary to suit the applications by stinging multiple sections of tubing into the packoff or by using sections of coiled tubing.
    • DTI’s UHX Packer can prvide a means of installing isolation tubing or sand screens below the existing tail pipe.
  • Permanent Hanger
    • The UHX Packoff allows you to create a permanent nipple profile or tag point below the upper completion for deployment of conventional plugs, injection valves chokes.
    •  The UHX Packoff can also be used as a hanger for the deployment of jointed tubing or coiled tubing inside and below the existing production string enabling you to extend the life of your well with the installation or velocity strings or injections strings.
  • Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)
    • The DTI UHX technlogy enables an existing oil and gas production well to be recompleted so it can be repurposed to a Gas/CO2 storage well.
    • By prviding a pressure tight platform in the liner below the upper completion a conventional retrievable plug or bridge plug can be set which will allow the upper completion to be worked over.
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