For the oil and gas sector, DTI’s technology solutions span the complete lifecycle of the well, from completion and intervention to production optimisation and P&A. With a field-proven track record, and expertise in the latest manufacturing materials and techniques, we are transferring our technology and knowledge to solve cross-sector challenges, such as extreme temperature or highly corrosive environments, high-expansion sealing, zonal isolation and flow control. We are committed to leveraging advantage for our customers through new technology solutions which are highly differentiated, low risk and significantly enhance the performance of wells.


We look for solutions to some of the industry’s biggest downhole challenges, pushing the boundaries of capability and adding value. We're not afraid of tackling the big questions to help shape the future. We know that advancement means change and doing things differently, so we draw on learnings from other industries to improve on traditional practices. We have a valuable portfolio of intellectual property which we continue to build upon, placing us at the forefront of energy innovation.

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Our robust and reliable solutions have quality built in from the earliest stage. We design, manufacture and supply products with in-depth practical knowledge of their field applications, simplifying designs where appropriate, but without compromising reliability. Considering real-life operational challenges, extreme environments, likely loads and endurance cycles, all our products are qualified to the latest industry standards.

Quality improvement is an embedded culture, from design and manufacture and supply chain connectivity through to client training, operational support and wellsite advice.

Track Record

DTI has a long and successful track record in delivering reliable solutions to the world’s leading operators and service companies. We are proud to have been involved in numerous projects where our high-quality, innovative solutions have added value, increased efficiency and reduced cost and have built our business through recommendation and repeat custom.

With headquarters in the UK and representation around the world, the company has a global operational footprint. DTI is part of the FrontRow Energy Technology Group, alongside Unity, Well-SENSE and ClearWELL.

88 UHX Tool

Responsible Operations


We conscientiously look to increase efficiencies and reduce environmental impact across our supply chain and manufacturing processes and instill these principles in the operational solutions we offer to our clients.

We are pioneers in the use of additive manufacturing for the energy sector, an approach which offers significant improvements in speed of response, reduction in waste and carbon emissions. It also allows us to engineer solutions using new design principles, to solve some of the most challenging downhole problems, where strength, size, integrity, expansion and resilience are key.

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Our QHSE Management System embodies our commitment to look after our environment and the people within it, conducting our operations safely and fairly for current and future stakeholders. As part of this commitment, quality is at the heart of everything we do - delivering quality products, services and solutions in a responsible manner. We are passionate about being the best in our field and that means we check, control and improve at every step.


Our people’s innovation, skills and experience are the cornerstone of our success. We employ a diverse range of disciplines from designers, engineers, manufacturing experts and machinists to well intervention and product line specialists. We are always interested in talking to prospective applicants about job opportunities, so if you’re interested in working in a fast paced, exciting, technology focused company, serving a range of energy sectors, please get in touch.

Live vacancies will be advertised on this page and on our LinkedIn channel.

Current Job Vacancies

Past - Present - Future

Downhole Tools International Ltd (DTI) was established in 2009 to provide a range of quality products to the global oil and gas E&P market. Over the years, the company has built a trusted name for cost-competitiveness, reliability and exceptional service. Our range of products has expanded into the thousands and our inhouse manufacturing facilities support fast delivery and bespoke engineering.

In 2018, FrontRow Energy Technology Group established Pragma Well Technology, a production technology focused business to broaden the Group’s capabilities. Pragma was principally focused on technology innovation and engineering to provide cutting-edge solutions to solve complex downhole challenges. The company aimed to advance industry efficiency and cost-reduction through new approaches to current challenges. The company achieved several industry firsts and as its influence grew, was keen to marry innovation with an expanded portfolio and further global reach.

In 2021 Pragma acquired DTI, adopting their name and brand, but enhancing the customer offering with new technology solutions. With a shared vision of innovation, quality and performance, the company has embraced strong growth and success, working with customers in every region around the world on some of the most complex downhole challenges.

DTI is now offering its robust, field-proven solutions and exceptional engineering capability to other markets to support the global transition towards a more sustainable energy mix. Most of DTI’s downhole tools are suitable for cross-sector well applications, from oil and gas E&P and natural gas storage, to CCUS, hydrogen storage and geothermal production.

We are incredibly excited for the future and to be able to add the next chapter of achievements to our expanding innovation timeline.


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The UHX M-Bubble Plug's first deployment in Kazakhstan was verified as hermetically sealed by PLT after six months in the well.

ASV showcase image


Annular Safety Valve deployed in a pilot hydrogen storage project in France.

Carousel UHX2 copy


First commercial deployment of the UHX M-Bubble plug. The deployment was successfully completed by a major operating company in a water shut off application in Kazakhstan. This was the first in a multi-well plugging campaign, planned to include at least eight wells.


Coiled Tubing Deployed Ultra High Expansion Packoff


Flow-thru UHX Packoff developed.

E Swivel Resized


First deployment of E-Line Tools, passing explosive and logging trials.

LOC PCA 00107 04 Slim Pump Safety Valve


First deployment of slim pump safety valve to support a cable deployed ESP.


SCTM238 BC31 Perma seal slip conn


20,000 PSI PermaSeal Connectors and Well Barriers developed.

Hammerhead Bi Directional Impact Hammer FHD288 FHU288 2 RENDER


New longer stroke Hammerhead Impact Hammer developed.

Jun 2021


Customised 9-5/8” Lock Mandrel Running Tools deployed

E Swivel Summary


E-Line product line ballistic testing completed.


Jul 2020


Slim Pump Safety Valve successfully API qualified.

Apr 2020


Extreme High Expansion Shifting Tool developed.

Jan 2020


M-Bubble Bridge Plug development starts.


Nov 2019


CT Active Pressure Relief Valve developed.

Jun 2019


First slickline set Gas Lift Conversion Straddle deployed in Nigeria.

Feb 2019


PermaSeal CT Connector first deployed for CT Gas Lift Completion.


Dec 2018


New version of CT Jar released, designed to deliver powerful impacts, vastly simplify redress and reduce cost of ownership.

May 2018


Versatile CT Hydrostatic Valve first deployment.

Jan 2018


15,000 psi rated CT Tool range commercialised.


Dec 2017


Slickline set and retrieve Bridge Plug first deployment – no dedicated setting tool required.

Feb 2017


Unique customised Profile Nipple and Lock Mandrels deployed by major service provider.


Oct 2016


First deployment of High Flow Injection Valve increasing run life and decreasing cost for UK client.

May 2016


CT Shifting Tool for ball drop type MSS Valves first deployed. Versions for pre and post ball seat milling available.


Oct 2015


Customised Slickline set Liner Top Packer deployed in Alaska.

Mar 2015


CT Multi-Lateral Entry System with new industry leading pressure signals first deployed throughout the Middle East region.


Oct 2014


HD Wire Fishing range for large slickline and braided line commercialised.


Jun 2013


Modified CT Multi-Lateral Entry System used in Jetting Tunneling application creating 50m+ tunnels.

May 2013


Slickline Roto-Scale Scraper developed for large diameter mono-bore completions in Qatar.

Apr 2013


First Slickline Set Expanding Instrument Hanger deployed in continental Europe – no electric or explosive setting tool required


Nov 2012


Custom design and manufacture of emergency intervention tools for a major service company to allow continued field wide production in South-East Asia.

Jul 2012


Hydrostatic wire and composite rod cutter developed and deployed.


Aug 2011


DTI Business expands through continental Europe and Middle East regions.


Oct 2010


First delivery of Coiled Tubing tools to North America Land.


Dec 2009


First delivery of slickline tools for Norwegian North Sea.



Downhole Tools International Ltd (DTI) was established to provide a range of quality products to the global oil and gas E&P market.

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