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Subsurface injection and storage of natural gas, CO₂ and hydrogen is an increasing focus for the global energy industry as we diversify sources of energy to improve security of supply and move towards more sustainable practices.

Geologic storage requires either drilling and completion of new injection and producer wells, or more commonly the conversion and recompletion of existing oil and gas extraction wells for CO₂ or gas storage where they are modified to suit the new operating environment.

There are still many technical, regulatory and economic challenges to overcome in the energy transition, particularly in the large-scale commercial roll-out of gas storage and utilisation projects, but research and development work continues apace.

Injecting liquid CO₂ at extremely low temperatures poses challenges for well design, recompletion and intervention, including the requirement for specialist materials and equipment and high-pressure gas tight seals. High injection rates can cause increased pressure, velocity and friction, also requiring a careful choice of materials to withstand extreme conditions. Some metallic materials can suffer serious degradation due to corrosion from exposure to carbonic acid so material specification for long-term integrity and performance is critical.

We are committed to supporting this transition and our technology range has many suitable products already tried and tested in extreme environments that can be applied to new sectors. If we don’t have the exact specification you need, then we are confident that we can develop something to suit, so please get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

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If we don’t have the exact specification you need, we're confident we can develop something to suit.

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Ultra-High Expansion (UHX) Sealing Solutions

Annular Safety Valve (ASV)


GRE Lined Tubing Tools

Ultra-High Expansion (UHX) Sealing Solutions

With an industry-leading combination of working pressure and ultra-high expansion ratios, these advanced sealing solutions enable the repurposing of oil and gas wells for carbon capture and gas storage by enabling permanent plugging of the lower completion to allow for safe workover/ recompletion operations.

Annular Safety Valve (ASV)

The ASV was developed for a large-scale hydrogen injection and storage project. It is based on a development of our patented slim-pump safety valve technology and offers a range of valuable features and benefits. A pressure-balanced annular poppet valve ensures leak-tight sealing and the ability to open and close in both directions, at full working pressure (to 5,000 psi) for both injection and production operations and a large flow area enables high-volume operations. The Annular Safety Valve can be used in both hydrogen and natural gas storage wells plus traditional gas lift and gas producer wells.


PermaSeal features a patented metal sealing connector and tool joint technology to deliver a high-performance solution for extreme well applications. The technology is designed to replace elastomer seals and withstand pressures in excess of 20,000 psi and temperatures of 200C and beyond with enhanced integrity.

PermaSeal is designed for the most aggressive well applications including high temperature or high-pressure intervention operations or permanent well installations. When our PermaSeal connectors are combined with our twin flapper check valve for well intervention, a safe and reliable gas-tight well barrier is created. Its CRA metal seal ring ensures compatibility with even the most aggressive well fluids and the most extreme of well conditions, even up to 30,000 psi.

GRE Lined Tubing Tools

CO₂ injection wells completed with composite or Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) lined tubing require specialist intervention tools to avoid damage. We have extensive experience plugging, perforating and intervening in fibre and fibre lined tubing and we have an extensive range of slickline products suitable for this application.

Case Study

DTI Develops Annular Safety Valve for Hydrogen Storage Wells

DTI has supplied an Annular Safety Valve (ASV) for a major European project designed to demonstrate the viability of underground salt caverns in large-scale, green, hydrogen storage. Some of these salt caverns were previously used to store natural gas, so the old well infrastructure was replaced with completions designed for hydrogen injection and production.

The wells required a safety valve suitable for bi-directional sealing and large volume injection and production rates, so DTI further developed its patented Slim Pump Safety Valve (SPSV) which has historically been used in oil and gas wells to support retrofitted, cable-deployed ESPs and jet pumps.

The ASV offers a range of valuable features such as a pressure-balanced annular poppet valve which ensures leak-tight sealing and the ability to open and close in both directions at full working pressure (to 5,000 psi) to allow for both injection and production operations. A large flow area allows for high volume operations. The Annular Safety Valve can be used in both hydrogen and natural gas storage wells plus traditional gas lift and gas producer wells.

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Our downhole tools are designed for simplicity of maintenance and are provided with clear product guides, videos and training to support your own field operation and redress. However, when expert maintenance is required, we are at your side with experienced specialists available to service, test and requalify tools at either our facilities or your own.

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