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Large-scale heat and power production plants use large diameter geothermal wells to produce large fluid volumes, often from the open hole or through a slotted liner, rather than tubing. Most low temperature geothermal reservoirs will not produce without pumping so line shaft or electric submersible pumps (ESPs) are installed to increase the flow rate or to pressurise the fluid to avoid gas release.

Brine quality varies greatly in geothermal production and can be highly corrosive with high levels of dissolved solids in high-temperature systems. Maintaining the produced water under pressure, especially where there is high carbon dioxide content, can reduce corrosion and scaling.

Corrosion can be so severe that more advanced downhole materials are required and even titanium casing becomes economic. Scaling can lead to frequent workovers to replace pumps and other downhole equipment and to remove the scale using jetting or milling. The requirement for a cement sheath to surface means that if circulation zones become unproductive, they must usually be plugged before cementing using seals that can withstand high pressure and temperature cycling.

Permaseal DTI

While high temperature in the produced water of geothermal applications is generally regarded as 150 degrees Celsius, DTI has proven technology, design and engineering capabilities for high temperature and high pressure (HPHT) applications up to 340 degrees Celsius.

Our high temperature valve that can operate at 340 degrees C, incorporates features to prolong control fluid life and full metal-to-metal seals. We also have a range of plugging, jetting and clean-out tools plus downhole safety valves which can be retrofitted with cable deployed ESPs.

We are committed to supporting this transition and our technology range has many suitable products already tried and tested in high pressure, high temperature and corrosive environments that can be applied to new sectors. If we don’t have the exact specification you need, then we are confident that we can develop something to suit, so please get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.


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Ultra-High Expansion (UHX) Sealing Solutions

Extreme Temperature Safety Valve


PermaSeal features a patented metal sealing connector and tool joint technology to deliver a high-performance solution for extreme well applications. The technology is designed to replace elastomer seals and withstand pressures in excess of 20,000 psi and temperatures of 200C and beyond with enhanced integrity.

PermaSeal is designed for the most aggressive well applications including high-temperature or high-pressure intervention operations or permanent well installations. When our PermaSeal connectors are combined with our twin flapper check valve for well intervention, a safe and reliable gas-tight well barrier is created. Its CRA metal seal ring ensures compatibility with even the most aggressive well fluids and the most extreme of well conditions, even up to 30,000 psi.

Ultra-High Expansion (UHX) Sealing Solutions

With an industry-leading combination of working pressure and ultra-high expansion ratios, these advanced sealing solutions enable the permanent plugging and cementing of unproductive geothermal zones.

Extreme Temperature Safety Valve

DTI has developed proprietary technology for an all-metal downhole safety valve to withstand extreme temperature applications of between -90C and +340 degrees C. This exceeds the level that most HPHT safety valves can currently achieve (-30 - 245 C) and makes it suitable for a range of cross-sector applications including oil and gas, geothermal and CCUS.

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Our downhole tools are designed for simplicity of maintenance and are provided with clear product guides, videos and training to support your own field operation and redress. However, when expert maintenance is required, we are at your side with experienced specialists available to service, test and requalify tools at either our facilities or your own.

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