DTI E-Swivel Case Study

3rd May 2022

A leading international energy services provider, has deployed DTI’s E-Swivel in a multi-well offshore P&A campaign. The campaign included over 40 deployments in ten oil and gas wells located in the Southern North Sea.

Slim Pump Safety Valve SIT with Zilift

1st Sep 2021

DTI successfully completes systems integration testing, in partnership with Zilift, on the Slim Pump Safety Valve.

Slickline Rotational Scale Scraper and Bridge Plug

17th Mar 2021

We have a new animation highlighting the benefits of the DTI Slickline Rotational Scale Scraper

A Demonstration Of Acid Corrosion Of Coiled Tubing Tools

15th Mar 2021

Here is a demonstration example which shows acid corrosion of Coiled Tubing Tools. Read on here...

CT Product Development and GRE Tubing Perforating

18th Feb 2021

We are always looking to bring new tools to the market and improve existing technology.  A summary of a few of these developments are in this article.

Slim Pump Safety Valve Awarded API 14A Certification

20th Jul 2020

DTI’s Slim Pump Safety Valve has received API 14A certification after completing independent testing in the US.

Thinking Laterally

18th Nov 2019

The rise of the unconventional has brought with it many innovations in terms of both downhole technology and how operations are performed in the Well Intervention market. The art of light intervention is getting smarter and more efficient in the age of horizontals.

Applications of the Multi-Lateral Entry System

18th Nov 2019

With multi-lateral well construction becoming commonplace, there is a rising need for controllable and repeatable entry into lateral wellbores for general remedial well operations.

Slickline Set, Slickline Retrievable Bridge Plugs: Selection Guide

5th Nov 2019

Many types of Bridge Plug exist in the industry to plug oil and gas wells both temporarily and permanently. These are commonly deployed into the well via a rig, coiled tubing, electric line or slickline. This guide considers temporary well plugging operations where the plug is deployed and retrieved using slickline.

Additive Metal Manufacturing Used to Develop Advanced Oilfield Technology

7th Jan 2019

Oil and Gas Vision magazine has featured a recent article about the use of 3D metal printing.



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