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The gas storage Annular Safety Valve (ASV) is designed for conventional gas and hydrogen storage wells. It incorporates a control line pass-thru and is deployed into a nipple profile of a Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub Surface Safety Valve (TRSCSSSV). This enables hydraulic communication to facilitate surface control of the ASV and the TRSCSSSV separately.

The design facilitates bi-directional sealing and unloading at full working pressure. It is surface testable and allows quick reinstatement of a safety valve in the event of failure.

Annular safety valve
Annular safety valve

Features &

  • Allows bi-directional sealing at full working pressure. Well pressure or surface test pressure boosts valve shut.
  • Does not need to be equalised to be functioned open.
  • Metal to metal valve seat and poppet design for reliability.
  • Control line bypass to allow one nipple to operate both the Annular Safety Valve and a TRSCSSSV.
  • Hybrid high-performance elastomer and non-elastomeric packing seals for reliability.
  • Large annular flow area for high gas and fluid flow rates.
  • Once deployed the ASV is failsafe shut and is unaffected by well pressure or tubing pressure.


  • Hydrogen Gas Storage
  • Conventional Methane Storage.
  • Gas Lift
Part NumberInside DiameterStandard ConnectionPressure RatingTemp RatingMin Compression Yield (Lbs)Flow Area (Sq.In.)
SP-ASV6253.7"Customer Defined5000 psi90-150°C200,0005.0