PermaSeal Torque Through External Slip Connector Ultra


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The DTI patented PermaSeal Torque Through Slip Connector features DTI's high-performance metal-to-metal seal for extreme well applications. Designed to withstand high pressure up to 15,000 psi and temperatures the PermaSeal Torque Through Slip Connector is designed to be used for permanent well installations as well as high pressure intervention operations.

The PermaSeal Torque Through Slip Connector Ultra eliminates the reliance on elastomeric seals which can degrade due to well fluids, temperature and time. For permanent well installations, such as velocity strings, this creates a long lasting seal between the CT and Tubing Hangers, Profile Nipples and other completion accessories. When combined with the DTI Twin Flapper Check Valve for well intervention operations this creates a safe and reliable well barrier that is not reliant on elastomers. Eliminating elastomer seal leak paths reduces the risk of an uncontrolled surface pressure release, enhancing the safety of CT operations.

DTI’s Torque Thru Slip Connector format makes this connector quick to make up and suitable for milling operations.

To increase the safety of CT operations and integrity of velocity strings, choose the DTI PermaSeal Slip Connector.


& Benefits

  • 15,000 psi working pressure
  • Metal to Metal Seal
  • Torque Through Capability
Part NumberCoiled Tubing SizeOutside DiameterInside DiameterThread Connection
SCTMU125169AC081.25"1.688"0.75"1.00 AMMT
SCTMU150212AC091.50"2.125"1.00"1.50 AMMT
SCTMU175238AC091.75"2.375"1.00"1.50 AMMT
SCTMU200288AC232.00"2.875"1.38"2.38 PAC