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DTI is a specialist in innovative downhole technology for the global energy industry. We design and manufacture tools to solve current and emerging challenges for the oil and gas and energy transition sectors, including gas storage, carbon capture and storage, hydrogen storage and geothermal production.

Prepared for harsh


DTI has a long and successful track record in delivering reliable solutions to the world’s leading operators. We are proud to have been involved in numerous projects where our high-quality, innovative solutions have added value, increased efficiency and reduced cost, building our business through recommendation and repeat custom. With headquarters in the UK and representation around the world, the company has a global operational footprint.

Recent Technology Achievements

  • The world’s first safety valve for hydrogen injection wells.
  • The highest pressure coiled tubing connectors on the market.
  • A 1400%+ improvement in run life using DTI’s E-Series Swivel.
  • The highest expansion thru-tubing technology, achieved using pioneering additive manufacturing.


DTI offers a wealth of technical knowledge and in-house capability in downhole tool design, engineering, manufacture, deployment and maintenance. We help our customers maintain trouble-free well operations, while optimising safety and efficiency and reducing cost and risk. We can supply a wide range of specialist products, or if you’re in need of a new solution, our team of design and engineering experts are on hand to solve problems fast. 

When technical well challenges arise, we are your trusted partner for fast, effective and reliable solutions, no matter where in the world you are.

  • Practical experience driven by technical expertise
  • In-house design, engineering, manufacture and maintenance
  • Engineered solutions for every well
  • Quality products available worldwide.

Innovative Technology

Ultra-high expansion (UHX) technology


Annular Safety Valve

Extreme Temperature Safety Valve

Ultra-high expansion (UHX) technology

With an industry-leading combination of high working pressure and ultra-high 300% expansion ratios, these products have the strength and durability required for serious high-pressure sealing.

This unique technology provides plugging and isolation solutions in wells with narrow upper restrictions and larger diameter lower completions and can isolate pressured and flowing zones in a fast and cost-effective single run without the use of cement.

Tools can easily be deployed by a wide range of operators and service companies on a global scale by using standard setting tools rather than a bespoke arrangement. In addition to oil and gas applications, where we have already field-deployed the technology, these products can assist in repurposing wells for CO₂ and gas storage.


PermaSeal features a patented metal sealing connector and tool joint technology to deliver a high-performance solution for extreme well applications. 

The technology is designed to replace elastomer seals and withstand pressures in excess of 20,000 psi and temperatures of 200C and beyond with enhanced integrity.

PermaSeal is designed for the most aggressive well applications including high temperature or high-pressure intervention operations or permanent well installations such as velocity strings. When our PermaSeal connectors are combined with our twin flapper check valve for well intervention, a safe and reliable gas-tight well barrier is created.

PermaSeal is suitable for applications across a range of energy sectors. Its CRA metal seal ring ensures compatibility with even the most aggressive well fluids and the most extreme of well conditions, even up to 30,000 psi.

Annular Safety Valve

DTI’s Annular Safety Valve (ASV) can be used in hydrogen and natural gas storage wells plus traditional gas lift and gas producer wells. It has been developed from our patented Slim Pump Safety Valve and offers a range of valuable features and benefits.

The ASV provides leak-tight sealing and the ability to open and close in both directions at full working pressure (to 5,000 psi), allowing for both injection and production. A large flow area also supports high volume operations. 

The ASV incorporates a control line pass-thru and is deployed into the nipple profile of a Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub Surface Safety Valve (TRSCSSSV) to enable separate hydraulic control of both valves from surface. It is surface testable and allows quick reinstatement of a safety valve in the event of failure. The ASV has been deployed in a pilot hydrogen project in France to demonstrate the viability of salt caverns for large-scale green hydrogen storage.

Extreme Temperature Safety Valve

DTI has developed proprietary technology for an all-metal downhole safety valve to withstand extreme temperature applications of between -90C and +340C. 

This exceeds the level that most HPHT safety valves can currently achieve (-30 to 245C) and makes it suitable for a range of cross sector applications including oil and gas, geothermal and CCUS.

With over 10,000 products designed for every type of well, and a team of in-house design and engineering talent, we can deliver the solutions you need.

We're committed to your success and will support you through tool supply, advice, training and first deployment so get in touch today to discover more.
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